Grassfed Gratitude

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We thought we’d share a few quotes from farmers and ranchers all over the country, about where they find gratitude within their lives.

“I’m proud to say I’m a sixth generation farmer with my li’l boys being the seventh generation tagging along with me for chores each day. Today’s farming family realizes they will never be rich – but they recognize their “riches” every day – working side by side with younger generations, demonstrating a strong work ethic, and emphasizing the importance of community. While no monetary value could never be put on many areas of the farm family lifestyle, it is those unmeasurable riches that keep us going for generations!” – Carrie Enyart, Black Willow Pond Farm: Cobleskill, NY

“I hope I do my job as a caretaker of the animals and the land well enough so that when it’s time for me to leave this earth someone will read [So God Made A Farmer] at my funeral.” –

“…I feel like there is more hope in the world. Hope for agriculture, for family farmers, to feed a growing population, to connect everyday Americans to where their food comes from and to build a greater connected community for agriculture in America.” – ThePinkePost

“You may know that I farm with my dad and grandpa right now. Actually during my last semester of college I said I didn’t want to farm, but six years later I told my parents I did. My wife and I have a 3-year-old son ourselves. Maybe someday he’ll want to do what Dad does, too.” –

Wishing you a holiday filled with all good things…Happy Thanksgiving!

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